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Many businesses today are using email lists to expand their business. Email lists can help you grow your customer base. If you already have an existing customer base, renting an email list lets you keep that customer and build on them. However, buying email lists can be expensive. Why pay for a list when there are rental options? Read on to learn more about these lists and how you can benefit from them.Email lists aren't like regular sales or marketing opportunities. Buying and then renting an email marketing list means you'll be buying an already-existing email list, which means you won't be getting access to all of the great features of an entire email marketing campaign. You won't be able to make frequent campaigns, send mass messages, see detailed stats, etc. With a regular marketing method, you would be able to do all of these things. You can rent email lists for very little expense.There are many ways you can rent lists. Most popular ways are through a company that offers it as part of a bulk order option or through a website that rents out a large database of email addresses for a low per thousand costs. With FrescoData , you don't have to spend hours searching through hundreds or thousands of lists (or potential leads) to find the ones that will work best for your campaign. You also won't have to spend money on list building efforts and you won't have to deal with potentially spamming your subscribers. Instead, you simply send emails out to the recipients that you're willing to advertise to at the low per thousand rates.Another way to rent an email address is to buy one through an affiliate program. The way this works is that the people who sign up to the program will receive discounts when they promote products associated with the program. This way you won't have to send out multiple messages to potential leads. All you would have to do is send out one email to each of the addresses with the discount offer attached.There are a number of advantages to renting an email list over purchasing one. For one, you don't have to invest in advertising. When buying one, you have to pay for the cost of getting the ads in place and for the cost of renting them out. Plus, if the advertising doesn't work you still have to pay for it. Renting eliminates all of that.Renting allows marketers to test their campaigns before spending any money. FrescoData contains a huge number of subscribers. For some marketers, this number is important but for most marketers it's not. The important thing is that a huge number of subscribers mean there are a lot of potential customers to promote to.Another advantage to renting is that you can measure your success much easier than with an existing email marketing campaign. With one you can't measure your response rate because you don't have one. When renting, marketers can see immediately how many subscribers responded and the overall response rate. They can also see how many subscribers deleted their message or unsubscribed after reading it. The advantage here is that marketers know immediately whether they are doing something right or wrong because they can see the response rate and compare it to their previous efforts.Lastly, when you rent an email list you are getting access to a highly targeted list of people. Because these people were already in the database, they have shown interest in the product you are marketing. This means you are getting good quality leads at a drastically discounted price. While some marketers have been concerned about using rent to target leads, the results so far have shown them otherwise.