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Jakenovel 《Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School》 - Chapter 2126 - I Know Who You Are lackadaisical calm suggest-p1 Return of the Mount Hua Sect Novel-Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School-Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolChapter 2126 - I Know Who You Are discussion stareGu Ning didn’t proper care where they ate, but Mo Qilin desired to take care of her effectively.Prior to Gu Ning could say anything, Mo Qilin persisted, “Gu Ning, I didn’t assume anyone to function as the manager of the Shengning Business! You are so impressive. You’re only two year period over the age of me. You are my idol now.”“It’s almost supper time now. Gu Ning, can we talk about supper? I want to share my grat.i.tude to you personally for the present time.” Owen sincerely invited.It wasn’t a huge challenge if Mo Qilin just had a clash with other individuals, the purpose was that Mo Qilin desired Gu Ning’s assist, which meant that he ended up being within a horrible scenario.“Qilin, it is time for lunch. Just where will you be going?” Yun Zhiyan expected.Chapter 2126: I Do Know Your IdentiityBefore long, Owen modified into one of several killer’s outfits and became available. Because the apparel had been black colored, the harm over the torso was not evident.“Qilin, it is time for dinner. Where are you proceeding?” Yun Zhiyan questioned.Later on, if they reached a spot where it turned out useful to require a taxi cab, Gu Ning allow Owen off of. Then Gu Ning drove towards siheyuan.Gu Ning didn’t proper care where they consumed, but Mo Qilin wanted to address her properly.Knowing, Gu Ning instantly noticed relieved.“Um, Gu Ning, are you free now? For anybody who is, will we promote a meal with each other?” Mo Qilin required. He sincerely asked Gu Ning to share with you a meal, but he didn’t have a chance well before.His older person, Yun Zhiyan, wasn’t his master’s disciple, he was his master’s son.Gu Ning didn’t maintenance in which they ate, but Mo Qilin want to cure her perfectly.Ahead of Gu Ning could say anything, Mo Qilin carried on, “Gu Ning, I didn’t expect to have one to end up being the boss from the Shengning Company! You are so amazing. You are only a couple of years older than me. You are my idol now.”Understanding that, Gu Ning instantly experienced relieved.In truth, Mo Qilin was not absolutely sure regardless of if the female called Gu Ning his expert and older person experienced brought up the other day was the exact same Gu Ning he was aware, so he didn’t inform his excel at and mature.Eventually, Owen transformed into among the killer’s garments and came out. As the garments were actually dark-colored, the injury around the chest area was not noticeable.“Thanks,” Gu Ning claimed.Eventually, Owen altered into one of the killer’s outfits and arrived. As the garments had been dark, the destruction in the upper body wasn’t apparent.Eventually, Owen improved into one of many killer’s clothing and arrived. Since the garments were actually black colored, the destruction over the chest area wasn’t apparent.Mo Qilin was excited that Gu Ning predetermined, so he immediately told her best places to meet up with. He booked a dining room table inside of a regional eatery renowned for presenting specialties. It wasn’t very pricey, neither was it inexpensive. W. & R. Chambers Selected Catalogue 1892 Yun Zhiyan, Jing Yunyao, and Jing Jining had been within the very same age group, but their facial looks older slowly simply because they were at significant concentrations.Gu Ning understood Mo Qilin wished to appreciate her for her aid, but she didn’t feel it absolutely was vital. Even so, she could listen to the antic.i.p.ation in Mo Qilin’s sound, so she didn’t hold the heart to transform him down. In the long run, Gu Ning agreed.“What? You understand Gu Ning?” Ability to hear that, Yun Zhiyan was astonished. Following ensuring that from it, Yun Zhiyan’s view illuminated up. “How did you realize the other person?”Whenever Mo Qilin explored the budget, he stayed in Yun Zhiyan’s position.Yun Zhiyan had been a cultivator, but cultivators necessary to reside a life, so Yun Zhiyan signed up with this company planet.Following understanding that Gu Ning was effective nowadays, he was full of pleasure.“What? You understand Gu Ning?” Listening to that, Yun Zhiyan was shocked. Right after ensuring from it, Yun Zhiyan’s sight lit up up. “How do you realize one another?”