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Well, there seems to be some interesting scientific theories that explain the question, "why do cats purr?" Let's take a look at several theories below.After all my observations over the years, I've come to a conclusion that this purring must be an elaborate form of kitty communication. There has to be some scientific or biological reason why these feline frequencies are being emitted by our cats under different circumstances. So, I decided to hit the internet to find a Scientific explanation.The lipids coming from olive oil and fish, however, are essential for a number of easy weight loss plan ideas that really work. The same applies to sugar. Sugar from cookies is bad but the one found in fresh fruits can benefit your body and help you lose weight.Getting rid of foods that are high in carbohydrates gets us back to a more natural diet. We often call this the "paleo diet" because it resembles what our ancestors ate before they became farmers. Scientific literature is starting to show that this approach is a great way to lose weight. What they haven't agreed on until recently his how this diet of reduced carbs helps. The real reason is that it lowers the effects of your body's insulin.This challenge is a little more difficult but once you master it you will have a potent ally in your arsenal. is to develop constructive thought patterns and imbue them in your mindset. Constructive thought habits help fuel the march toward new solutions; destructive thought habits - not calling Paul - chip away at the elephant but its hide is just too tough.Your diet should be something that you like. The foods you eat should be those that you enjoy. If you are juicing and taking carrot juice, you must like carrots for you to enjoy and stick to the diet. Do not follow a diet which will make you eat food you do not like as this will make you give up before you are successful in your weight loss goals.There are also scientific explanations that starving one self will make the body adjust. Once you consumed foods, the body will store fats as a back-up. Means that your body will have a low metabolism once you keep yourself starving. So, fasting to lose weight will never do you any good.