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Soccer Betting Technique for AH Odd or _.5 SoccerBetting Strategy for AH Odd or /.5 AH Odd is Property Win fee is in amongst 33% - 40%. The Residence team winingcharge will increase if the water fee under minimal level for AH. So we are typicaljust target the crew with reduced water price on AH. * If the Property teams water fee degree is keep one.80 for extended time from open odd till kick off, then the bookmaker is trend to property crew will not misplaced the game. pokerace99 If the water charge degree is boost to shut one.85 or 1.85 prior to a single or 2 hour kick off. Then it might have massive betting on the away team or bookmaker creates the fake information to trend away group. But if the water fee degree is boost to one.875 or above, then bookmaker may acquire the insider news to trend away crew. So home staff could tough to win the game or misplaced. Typically, bookmaker has less assured that residence crew to win the game if the water level from 1.80 to one.875. So if the water price degree from 1.80 to one.90 or over, then you can give up for the house staff. * Property and Away are 1.925 water rate amounts, if any side drop the water rate to one.85 or lower, then the winning fee of this game will larger. But if the water charge level is close to 1.875 then choose opposite group. AH Odd is .25House win price is in in between 40% - 45%, we have a basic wayto analysis AH Odd .25* examination that whether or not the reduced odd staff have chance or possibility to beat the upper odd team, if reply is NO, then pick reduce odd staff. * If away group is more powerful than residence crew, and the water charge level is hold one.80 for lengthy time. Then the away crew will have larger opportunity to get rid of.