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Choosing china book printing is probably the most significant production decisions when self publishing. Pick the wrong printer, and you could get a book back that's of poor quality, or you can end up paying way too much.For the purposes of this article, I will exclude print-on-demand companies out of this discussion. That is because What i'm saying is full-fledged self publishing, where the author/publisher pays the entire cost of publishing his / her book and orders a print run of hundreds or a large number of books at one time.The first step to choosing a printer for your self publishing project would be to solicit quotes from several printers. You will have to tell the printers a few details about your book: the amount of pages, the quantity of books you wish to order, the trim size of the book, whether you need paperback or hard cover. Some printers will ask other questions, such as whether you will want laminate cover or the paper stock you need.When you're asking for your quote, also enquire about the turnaround time. And have the printer to send you samples. Once you receive your samples and quotes, study them. Look at the quality of the samples along with the quotes you've received, and the turnaround time, particularly if time is a concern for the project.Book manufacturers generally provide more competitively priced quotes than do general local printers. That is because book manufacturers frequently have the technology to create quality books at better rates than do printers that do not specialize in book printing.Getting a good price on your own printing is important because this is not the only expense you should have in piecing together your book. You also have the expense of editing, book layout and cover design, marketing, and more.Look at both overall cost of printing the books, and also the per unit cost.You can find a great deal of disparity on the net prices, but price should not be your only factor when choosing a printer. You need to make sure you are receiving an excellent product, and in a turnaround time that works for you personally.It does you little good to acquire a cheap print quote, but then to realize later you have a poorly put together book that comes home from the printer a whole lot later than you expected or planned. This could ruin your pre-publication publicity plans. Not to mention your budget.I've worked on print projects for clients where I solicited multiple quotes because I needed to be sure my clients were getting the very best deal. Often, the disparity in quoted prices was quite large - saving your client thousands of dollars.Founded 20 years ago, KS Printing has been focused on books and periodicals printing for the last 15 years. With complete and advanced printing machines, KS is one of the most renowned?book printers in East China.KS has been offering printing services for global publishers since 2006. For some a decade, KS has printed books for more than 2000 publishers around the globe and generates an excess of 30 million US dollars per year.