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The colour intensity refers to the amount of colours a monitor may Screen and also refine, based on interior processing.Most contemporary monitors are turned nematic (TN) panels.TN boards are capable of refining 6-bits every pixel (3x6= 18-bits in total, or even 262,144 colours). Dithering is made use of to display a somewhat various tone of a colour each refresh of the monitor, and also for that reason the noticeable colour depth comes close to 24-bit colour (16.7 thousand colours). PVA and also IPS Liquid Crystal Displays doors are capable of outputting 8-bits or even 10-bits per pixel, and may as a result switch 24-bit or 30-bit colour (although genuine result are going to rely on the high quality of the backlight as well). In Check Our Top Pick , OLED monitors should exceed this colour deepness, as the pixels shine directly.